What attracted me most to Dr. Wire is how he genuinely cared for me. I saw his video interview and my impression was that he truly isn’t just the kind of doctor who does his thing and sends you off. Terri, his Patient Coordinator and Carrie his tech were all so attentive to me and my needs. The day of my surgery, they put me in a room with aroma therapy and soothing yoga music. I relaxed in there for a couple of hours then an acupuncture Doctor came in and did acupuncture for me to help me relax more. Believe it or not, I was not put under a complete anesthesia. I only had local anesthesia and the procedure was done at Dr. Wire’s clinic. It was amazing! I did not feel a thing! Also, my doctor called me that evening to check on how I was doing! That was so sweet! He is truly amazing! I feel great and I cannot wait to see the final stage of the result.